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  • Another secret to experiencing the miraculous is the spoken Word.

Whose spoken word? God’s spoken Word! Your spoken word! My spoken word! The spoken Word is the raw material for calling forth things that be not as though they were (miracles). It is not enough to have the right believe system alone like we saw in our last post; having the right believe system is like having the right ground in which we can grow the seed of the Word.

Every situation is solution specific; that means, there’s always the right Word to address a particular situation. When we locate that specific Word (rhema) in the Word of God, we are to apply it accordingly to get the desired results. We are to keep saying what God has said and is saying about that specific situation until the result comes, in order words, your spoken words must be consistent with God’s. This is referred to as confession. The Word of God in your heart only becomes effective when it is released with your mouth. Satan or vicissitudes of life are not intimidated by the Word in your heart but by the spoken Word from your mouth. So start speaking the right words today.

  • Another secret to experiencing the miraculous is believing the Anointed (Men of God).

It bits me each time I see believers cringe at the concept of believing or submitting to or standing on the shoulders of the Anointed of God. No reason or ugly experience is valid enough to make you disbelieve this eternal reality. Sometimes, you may not even agree with what the Anointed is preaching but he is still the Anointed. Don’t ever join the bandwagon to despise the Anointed no matter what. Anointed men of God are instrumental to your prosperity and your breaking forth in life. Even if you don’t believe God’s personal Word to you, believing in His Anointed can pull down your heart desires; and I say this without reservations or apology. God is still in the business of reaching people through His Anointed. Please, see the following scriptures for yourself: II Chronicles 20:20, II Kings 4:1-end, I Corinthians 11:1, Philippians 3:17, Hebrews 13:7. Wise people know how to honor the Anointed of God and how to make demands on the anointing upon their lives. It is very scriptural to use material things to tap into their anointing. Cultivate the habit of celebrating men of God in your life because they are God’s gift to you and how you treat a gift (Anointed) tells a great deal about how you treat the giver (God).

We shall be calling this a wrap! Thank you for your time.

Please, join me next week as we begin the #Leah Series.


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