Hey, welcome back!

In our last post, we mentioned that things don’t just happen in the limitless realm; they are made to happen or set in motion by activating or deactivating certain codes to obtain desired results.

Permit me to share a fairly recent personal encounter to buttress this point.

I had the privilege of being ministered to once by a man of God. Now, in the course of ministration, I strongly sensed that the Lord opened his eyes to see a not-so-pleasant orchestration from the pit of hell and that he was also not granted permission to reveal it. So, he chose to speak words to counteract what was shown. When I got home that night, I couldn’t sleep. Infact, I was half asleep and half awake but my spiritual eyes were opened to see what was going on in the spirit realm. For the very first time in my life, I saw what I now refer to as ‘military angels’. These angels seemed like heavily armed security details (like we have in combined armed forces) escorting a dignitary. They encompassed me in what seemed like both a defensive and offensive formation. It was an exhilarating experience. Not until a year later, did I understand what happened that night. The Lord had intentionally caused an activity to take place in the spirit realm, geared towards preserving my life by prophetic elements long before it even showed up in the physical realm. Hallelujah!

These things are real. If a believer in Christ Jesus chooses to remain in oblivion, it’s strictly a matter of choice.

Things function with precision and accuracy in this realm. You either hit or miss; no borderlines. Both kingdoms (God and Satan) are highly structured and organized – Mark 3:24; Matthew 12:26. The devil and his cohorts know this, that’s why they manipulate people and cause them to misstep so that they miss certain desired things and keep moving in cycles…this is what most people refer to as the spirit of delay. Most times, once these cycles are set in motion, it is either played till finish and waited out or aborted through what I call a ‘spiritual override code’ (deactivating the former with a superior and counteractive spiritual key/code/law). It is my prayer that none of us will miss what God has in store for us this year in Jesus name, Amen! I’m believing God to do a quick work by His Spirit and counteract every satanic motion orchestrated to keep us in misery in Jesus name, Amen!

This realm is not time bound. Ever heard the saying “a thousand years is as a day in God’s sight”? – II Peter 3:8 Very true! Certain things that we perceive and believe are settled or have been received in the spirit realm, may take months or even years to get to us. Satan understands this and sometimes uses it against believers to make them ‘battle weary’ or discouraged. This is where patience, consistency and effective prayer comes into play on the part of the waiting believer.

For the ‘initiated’, it is a realm of limitless solutions. Unlike the physical realm which is pulsated by limitations, this realm is full of potentials and possibilities. What we call mistakes, are actually raw materials for the miraculous. Paraphrased, I’m saying that miracles are more real than mistakes in this realm; it all depends on your awareness level. See Proverbs 16:33 AMP.

Anybody can access this realm; it all depends on the medium being used and the motive of access. Both forces of God and Satan operate from this realm. Almost all (if not all) religions of the world have access to this realm and can obtain certain degrees of results; that’s why majority claim to have solutions to the problems of mankind. It will surprise you to know that even in Christendom, it is possible to perform ‘miracles’ but not by the Spirit of God. For the believer in Christ, the Holy Spirit is our only legit access to this realm and He is the only one that can guarantee our escape from perversion. Do not allow yourself be deceived.

This is about the basics of what I’m permitted to share as regarding the limitless realm. When we return, we will begin the second phase of our study – Limitless God. Comments and questions are welcome.



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