Ephesians 3:20 TLB – Now glory be to God, who by his mighty power at work within us is able to do far more than we would ever dare to ask or even dream of – infinitely beyond our highest prayers, desires, thoughts, or hopes.

This verse explicitly reveals God’s doing ability. What makes Him God is His inherent ability to do any and everything by His sovereign power. The Holy Spirit is the repository of this power – Acts 1:8. Each time God sets out to manifest His doing ability, He speaks the Word and His Spirit acts upon the spoken word to bring the desired result –  Genesis 1:3; This is the mystery of creation/the miraculous as revealed in the bible. This pattern of birthing the miraculous has remained consistent all through the bible. For instance, we see in Acts of the Apostles that each time an account of miracle was told, it was often accompanied with the phrase: “… full of the Holy Spirit…” who was full of the Spirit? – the apostle or believer being used of God to wroth the miracle. It doesn’t mean that they weren’t filled with the Holy Spirit. No! It simply means that, whenever there was an ample supply of the Spirit, miracles happened with ease. This goes to say that God can do absolutely nothing except by His Spirit.

The phrase “infinitely beyond” as seen in this verse, implies that there is no limit to the operations of God’s doing ability. I chuckle each time I see believers attribute certain miracles to their much praying; well, in as much as this is true in some cases (e.g. Peter’s miraculous rescue by an angel when the church prayed – Acts 12:1-16), it doesn’t follow all the time. Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve done all you know to do – prayed, fasted, believed, confessed, sowed seeds etc and it just seems like nothing happened? Oh yea! Trust me, I’ve been there. Then there are times when you don’t even remember praying about a matter, and it just happens.

My first miracle experience happened when I was just a young girl (unbeliever) – I was very sick, so my mum and aunt carried me along for a church program because they couldn’t leave me alone at home. Guess what! I was too sick to pray but I discovered after we got home that night, that my appetite and strength had been restored; I can’t remember ever finishing my drugs as my sick days suddenly became over. I didn’t even understand what happened then but the event remained vivid in my mind. Did you notice why I was taken to church? I didn’t pray or desire or hope for a miracle because I didn’t even know it was possible. My idea of a church then was just a place where people go to clap, sing, chant hymns and pray or recite psalms. Perhaps God honored the prayers or desires of the organizers of the program; well, I may never know. It was not until many years later, now as a born again child of God, was I able to interpret that what had happened that night was simply an extension of God’s Mercy to me. This brings me to a very salient point: every act of miracle is an extension of God’s mercy to humanity; it has nothing to do with whether you are qualified for it or not. His mercy qualified us all. It also has nothing to do with what you did or how you did it because God (through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ) has done all there is to be done. I’m simply saying that everyone is a candidate for miracles regardless.




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