Matthew 19:26KJV – “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible”.

The word ‘with’ means: In partnership; in union; together; accompanied; having; possessing etc. We can deduce that ‘with God’ means having God, possessing God, partnering God, being in union with God, together with God…ALL THINGS are possible.

As I began to ponder on why Jesus made this statement, I realized that Jesus implied the following:

  • Men (natural men or mankind) are conscious of natural things and since the natural realm is pulsated by limitations, limitations abound unto them.
  • God dwells in the supernatural realm where everything is possible and limitless, hence can’t be limited.
  • That for those who belong to God and are conscious of their origin, partnership/union/oneness with God, all things are possible unto them.

The origin and environment of anything/subject tells a great deal about the object/subject. For instance, the fact that fish dwells in water tells a great deal about its composition and nature (cold-blooded). Due to its composition, it is designed to thrive in water and dies once it’s taken out of its natural habitat. Likewise, every born-again Christian having been born of God, is from above (God’s Kingdom) – John 3:31, John 8:23, John 1:12-13, I John 5:1 and is designed by default to thrive according to the tenets of this kingdom. We are born into a limitless life, therefore we are limitless. A brother once said, “He who is from above is above all”; how true! Though, we are in the world, we are not of this world; we belong to the kingdom of God, we are part of God’s family and therefore operate by God’s order. In the order of natural men, we move from the known to the unknown; but in God’s order, we can either move from known to unknown or from unknown to known…we are not limited by natural protocols and order. That’s not to say that God’s kingdom is chaotic. God forbid! I’m simply saying that the natural rules of this natural world are not applicable in God’s kingdom. Every believer must therefore do himself/herself a world of good to be conscious of his/her origin and live accordingly. When you have come to know beyond knowing that in your kingdom nothing is impossible, it will influence your perspective in the natural world.

As believers, we must be conscious of the fact that we are God-carriers. Carrying a limitless God makes you limitless. Every believer is ‘wired’ to eat up impossibilities. Jesus is saying to us today that as long as we have God and remain in partnership with God and maintain unity and togetherness/oneness with God, ‘impossibility’ will never exist in our ‘dictionary’.



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