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It is expedient for a believer to know (be convinced beyond words) that God is a God of infinitely beyond and exceedingly above. The revelation about this dimension of God will help stir up our hearts to believe for any and everything. Permit me to reiterate that one of our utmost responsibilities as believers, is to be conscious (knowing beyond knowing) of who we are and the modus operandi of our kingdom. Miracle is one of the commonest yet expensive things of our kingdom; it is common because it is readily available and expensive because Jesus paid the price for its availability with His precious blood.

In the second part of our study (Limitless God), we discovered that each time there was an account of a miracle in the book of Acts, it was often accompanied with the phrase: “….and being filled with the Holy Spirit…” Nothing out of the ordinary or natural was ever accomplished without the Holy Spirit. It is very important to understand that if God can do absolutely nothing except by His Spirit, so can you do absolutely nothing except by this same Spirit. Each time you receive a word from the Lord that makes you wonder as Mary did: “How shall this be…?” it simply means that it’s time to look up to the Holy Spirit and allow the power of the Highest overshadow you – Luke 1:34-35KJV.

  • The secret to experiencing the miraculous lies in creating the right atmosphere for an ample supply of His Spirit.

One way of doing this is by practicing the act of His presence. Practicing the act of His presence means to be filled with the Spirit; that is, to maintain an atmosphere of His presence. It means spending time in His presence through intense reverential worship; and by worship, I don’t just mean songs alone. Ephesians 5:18b-19KJV says: “…but be filled with the Spirit; Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord”. You see that! Verse 18b first commands us to be filled with the Spirit, and then verse 19 shows us how to be filled. This reveals that it is a deliberate/conscious act. You need to be very deliberate about creating an atmosphere for His Spirit if you must experience the miraculous.

Another way is by making His power available through effective and fervent prayer (praying in the Holy Ghost or speaking in tongues) – James 5:16AMP. Divine verities are impacted when we pray. Someone once said: “a believer is not a lake” and I cosign. This is because, lakes are stagnant; we are designed to allow power flow out of us like rivers of living water. Jesus said, out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. We are not just to produce power and stagnate it, we are to let it out and make it available for use. God expects that when we make tremendous power available, we channel it for desired result. For those who speak in tongues, you’ll notice that the more you speak, the more you get charged up in your spirit until it gets to a crescendo when you are so charged up/filled that you begin to make very bold declarations…now, that is you generating and dispensing power. At this point, the world/situations around you becomes so small that nothing seems to matter or you become so convinced that nothing can stand up against you – this is the point where anything and everything is possible!








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