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  • Another secret to experiencing the miraculous lies in your being yielded to God’s Spirit.

Yielding to God, involves walking with God. Walking with God simply means agreeing with God in everything. You can’t be yielded to someone you don’t know or trust totally. The more yielded you are to God, the more you’ll manifest the miraculous because miracles are the natural trails of God. So the more you walk with Him, the more you’ll leave those same trails.

I personally believe it is a matter of understanding and perspective for believers to seek after miracles. Jesus gave us a clear order in Matthew 6:33KJV (paraphrased) – we seek God and His Kingdom first, and things (miracles) are added (happens) unto us. Again in Mark 16:17-20KJV (paraphrased) – Jesus clearly tells us that signs (miracles) are to follow us and not the other way round. The early Christians were a demonstration of this truth – Acts 2:43KJV. Get busy with God! Get busy loving Him! Get busy yielding to Him! And see things happen!

  • Another secret to experiencing the miraculous is the mind factor.

Yes, it is true that God is more than willing to express His doing ability in our lives but your believe system is also important. God respects our choices and will always grant us our heart desires. Your life gravitates towards your thought patterns. The bible says, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. In some miracle accounts, we see words like: ‘let it be unto you according to your faith’. Now faith is of the heart; bible says, with the heart man believeth…Rom 10:8 & 10. That means, your mind is the factory of your believe system. Each time you inject your ‘factory’ with the Word of God, faith is planted in your heart (and your believe system increases in capacity to expect the unusual. By unusual, I mean the miraculous, limitless, supernatural etc. Jesus said, ‘if thou could believe…all things are possible to him that believeth’. Until your mind can grasp the possibility in the impossibility, nothing happens. Each time, we are presented with impossible cases, God looks out for a little window of possibility in our believe system that He can work with. Never say never! It is your sole responsibility to take charge of your thought patterns so that you can always create room for God to express His doing ability in your life. Be conscious of the miraculous!











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