First blog post


As year 2015 wound up, the Lord gave me a word for the next season: “Limitless” with two (2) key scriptures – Matthew 19:26 and Ephesians 3:20. At first, I received it with an ‘okay-so-this-is-another-word-for-2016’ attitude until I began to meditate on it and meditation turned into study and study turned into discoveries. Sharing these truths is not as important as my desire to walk in the reality of these truths. So as I share, I’m believing the Lord to quicken us all to walk in them so that our lives can reflect these revelations.

I understand that there are certain realities of the spirit realm or limitless realm that cannot be taught; they are better experienced. However, I’m trusting the Holy Spirit to help me communicate these thoughts in print. For easy comprehension, we shall divide this phase of limitless series into four parts:

  1. Limitless realm
  2. Limitless God
  3. Limitless believer
  4. How to function in the limitless realm.


Let’s start by defining the word ‘limitless’. Limitless means having no limit. It means an unrestricted or unending supply of something. Common synonyms associated with the word are boundless, illimitable, endless, fathomless, horizonless, immeasurable, indefinite, infinite, countless, incalculable, very great etc.

The limitless realm simply refers to a realm without boundaries or restrictions which is infinitely horizonless. It is a realm where anything and everything is possible; a realm of possibilities. It is sometimes called the spirit realm or cosmic realm or supernatural realm; so called because most of the happenings and occurrences in this realm defy scientific reasoning, explanation or logic.

Now, whether you believe it or not, this realm is as real as the physical world (earth) we live in. Every human being directly or indirectly makes contact with this realm via the human spirit through dreams, visions, divinations, magic, miracles etc. It’s been taught over the years that there are heights, depths and dimensions in this realm; some have even stratified these dimensions into first, second, third… seventh, etc. However, I have come to discover by revelation that there are infinite dimensions and that an individual can only grasps according to his/her level of access. Events in our physical world are controlled from this realm by those who have not only accessed it, but have also understood its operations. Things are not left to chance. In other words, nothing just happens; it is caused to happen or set in motion by activating or deactivating certain spiritual codes.

Just like we have definite laws and principles governing our physical world, we also have spiritual laws and principles that are operational in this realm. Just like we have kings, presidents, rulers and leaders in positions of authority overseeing territories in our world, we also have principalities, rulers, deities commanding territories and kingdoms in this realm. Just like promotions/demotions and movements (from one region to another) occurs in our physical world, we also have same in the spirit realm. See Daniel 6:1-3; 10:12-13; Ephesians 6:12.

It is imperative that I mention that born-again Christians belong to the Kingdom of God – Acts 8:12; 28:31; Ephesians 5:5; II Timothy 4:1; II Peter1:11; Revelations 1:9; 11:15; 12:10. All other kingdoms are subject to God and His kingdom – Ephesians 1:20-21; Colossians 1:16; 2:10. Born-again Christians are custodians of this realm. I will be focusing more on the operations of this kingdom in the third phase of our study.

My intention is not to go into spirit-science or spiritism, but to lay the necessary foundation for certain truths that will be shared on this platform as the Holy Spirit permits.



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