Hello dear!

We are positive you enjoyed our Limitless Series. Oh well, even if you didn’t, LOL, sit tight as we begin our Leah Series… It’s all about reaching the brokenhearted.

So, I began a study on a very interesting bible character called Leah. You can join the study by reading Genesis 29:16 – end and chapter 30:1-21, as I toss my first question:

Ever been in a situation that seemed so surreal but was actually as real as your name? Well, I know someone who was and her name was Leah. The literal rendering of her name means weary; no wonder her life was characterized by very ‘wearying-situations’

The first mention of Leah in the bible was done in a-not-so-fascinating manner – Gen 29:16-17. She was introduced as the eldest daughter of Laban with delicate eyes; in comparison with her sister Rachael, she was found wanting in the beauty department. Delicate eyes as used in the context, was a descriptive label that suggests weak eyes alluding to poor eyesight or merely a lack of sparkle.

Sometimes in life, we have certain defects or descriptive labels that are not so flattering; it’s often hard if you were born with these labels and there’s little or nothing that can be done humanly speaking to change them. It’s even harder if you respond to these labels. At times, vicissitudes of life can make you lose your sparkle. The truth is, you can choose to sit and whine about your deficiencies or embrace them and create a legendary story from them. Ever heard the phrase “making lemonades from limes”? Look around you, so many great stories have been created and are still being created by seemingly ‘deficient’ people who were deliberate enough to turn their deficiencies into efficiencies. You can too! Never lose hope!

If you believe there is a creator, then hear His personal message to you: “You are fearfully and wonderfully made” – Psalm 139:14. When you personalize this message, praising God will become very easy, regardless of your situation. Your self-worth will become undaunted, translating into a positive attitude – ask Sister Leah, she learned (through her sufferings) how to translate her weary-situations into vibrant praises to God in Judah.

Turn your deficiencies to efficiencies!






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