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Key Text: Genesis 29:16 – 30:1-21.

Leah’s marriage to Jacob may have been a subterfuge but I think no one deserves to suffer like she did; especially as a newlywed. Her marital experiences were that of rejection, hatred, emotional and sexual deprivation. She called her experiences – affliction (Gen 29:32). Considering the backdrop of her story, she must have suffered emotionally and psychologically too.

You might want to put the blame on her for partaking in Laban’s ploy and for perhaps, having a choice to make an alternative decision not to marry Jacob but did not. Well, isn’t that the kind of web some of us may have found ourselves in today? How often we miss opportunities due to wrong choices and then suffer devastating consequences thereafter. Today’s post is not about apportioning blames but letting you know that mistakes can be corrected! Whether the wrong decision (mistake) is temporal or permanent in nature is inconsequential; God’s goodness can override it and give you a new start or make things right. He is a fixer! His plans are way bigger than our mistakes. He is a specialist at rewriting stories in your favor. II Corinthians 3:3 calls you an epistle written by the Holy Spirit! And we know that the Holy Spirit cannot make a mistake nor have the writer’s block. He completed and concluded everything about you before placing you in Christ – Colossians 2:10. Like my Mentor would say, “you ended well”! Here is the deal: if you’re willing to cooperate with the Holy Spirit, wrongs will be righted; losses recovered; damages restored; and new paths charted. Hallelujah! – Rom 8:28; Jeremiah 29:11.

Genesis 29:31 says, “And when the LORD saw that Leah was hated, He opened her womb (emphasis mine) …” The Lord saw and did something about the situation; He blessed her with the joy of motherhood to cushion the effect of her traumatic experiences. God is still in the ‘seeing and fixing’ business. You may not see or feel it at the moment, but He’s at work!

One reason why God will fix your life is because, HE CARES. I Peter 5:7 says, “Casting all your cares upon him; for He cares for you”. God is not an irresponsible Father and it will be the height of irresponsibility on His part not to care. Another reason why He will fix your life is that He is madly in-love with you – I John 3:1. His love for us is not defined by our actions or inactions. God is not interested in our flaws because He sees us in Christ; and in Christ, we are completely flawless. It doesn’t matter how you found yourself in that precarious situation; whether you were a willing participant or not, God will fix you. When you discover how valuable you are to God, it will make things easier.

Please see the following scriptures for further study – Matthew 6:25-32, Romans 8:32, Psalm 138:8, Jeremiah 29:11.

I pray for you today, may His goodness override the consequences of every wrong decision in your life in Jesus name, amen!



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