One major fascinating thing about the Leah character was her ability to wade through challenges. I strongly believe (even though the bible was silent on it) that she had great, deep-rooted  character strength. #LeahSeries is dedicated to men and women of great inner strength like Leah who refuse to cave-in to adversities and by adversities I mean flood-like invasions. Flood-like invasions are successive torrents of troubles and battles; just when you think you are done with one, another presents itself and the cycle seems unending. Sometimes, it’s like you are in a maze with no ray of hope or way of escape.

If the paragraph above  describes your story, then don’t sweat it; you need supernatural help. The good news is that supernatural help is available. Psalm 46:1 tells us that God is a very present help in trouble. Some ask questions like: “where was God when so and so happened?” Well, to such persons my answer is this: maybe you didn’t search properly because if you did, you would have found Him present IN the trouble…isn’t that the literal interpretation of that bible verse? So, the next time you are in trouble and you are wondering where God is, now you know exactly where to find Him. LOL. Child of God, you are not alone! You should never be ashamed of calling on the Lord; for those who do are always saved – ask Jesus’ disciples (Mark 4:37-39). I call Him the Storm-distiller! The Way-Maker!! The ever present HELP in trouble!!!

The odds were clearly not in Leah’s favor. She had her jealous sister to strive with daily. She had a husband who wished she was never in the family picture. Her only daughter was defiled and her sons were many-things-rolled-into-one. Her paradigm shift came when she moved from trying to ‘buy’ her husband’s love to pouring out herself to the Lord as was evident in the names she gave her sons. When you study the history of biblical naming, you will realize that names were sometimes given to describe events surrounding the birth of the newborn – so with each passing delivery, she learnt how to align and realign with the Lord.

I have come to discover in the Word of God, that the secret of not fainting in life’s storm is aligning and staying aligned to the Lord. In Luke 18:1, Jesus gave us the antidote for fainting/losing heart/discouragement– Prayer. James 5:13 also says, “Is any among you afflicted (troubled, in difficulty etc)? Let him pray…” Prayer simply put, is communing with the Lord. We align and realign with the Lord in prayer; you can’t actively be communing with the Lord in prayer and be discouraged at the same time. No, it doesn’t add up. The more you commune with the Lord through prayers, the more you see the adversities/storms/mountains from the perspective of the Spirit; and the perspective of the Spirit is this: “the mountains skip like ram”, “the mountains are producing sweet wine” (Psalm 114:4, Amos 9:13). Hallelujah!




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