love & condemnation

This week’s post was prompted by an experience I had over the weekend. I had attended a churching event at a sister church of the local denomination where I worship; coincidentally the girls’ ministry presented a playlet drawn from Matthew 7:22. The plot of the story was that, of all the ten church workers (rich, ushers, preachers, bishops etc) that appeared before the Lord on the judgment day, only one was welcomed and rewarded by the Lord while the rest were condemned with the now familiar saying among Christian folks, “Depart from me ye workers of iniquity, I know you not”. LOL!

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God’s native language is love. Language is a symbol for communicating ideas or messages. Love is both the symbol and message God has been trying to communicate all along to mankind; unfortunately this was not fully grasped until the new creation ‘happened’. We (new creation) are recipients of the message because we understand the language with which it is communicated.

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