Man is a social being designed to relate by nature. God is the initiator of relationships – Genesis 1:26; 2: 18; 3:8. Relationship is God’s will for us and He wants us to have and also enjoy the best of them. Heartaches and abusive relationships was never part of the plan. To fully understand God’s design for relationships, study the relationship between Jesus Christ and the Father or Christ and His bride – the church. See Ephesians 5:25-30.

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Every plan of God for your life will require faith to birth and sustain it. (1)

Growing up as a young adult, my life was greatly influenced by two female televangelists – late Pastor Bimbo Odukoya and Pastor (Mrs) Nkechi Ene of The Carpenter’s Church. I was fascinated by their dress sense, beauty, profound teaching ministries and demonstration of spiritual gifts. I was particularly thrilled by their delivery too – they seemed to know what they were on about and could arguably convince anyone about the reality of their God. For me, they were picture perfect characters of what I aspired to become in the nearest future. There is just something captivating about women in ministry, period. LOL.

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Last week, we shared about staying with God’s plan. This week, we will be dwelling on it.

Please before you read on, first settle it in your heart that you are indispensable in God’s scheme of things. Contrary to what has been shoved down our throats over time: ‘that if we refuse to praise God, He will raise up stones to praise him’. Well, not only has this statement been taken out of context, it has also been used to ‘threaten’ the ignorant. Jesus was simply  Continue reading